Theory of Elements

THEORY OF ELEMENTS - Progressive Rock

"Every entity is the result of individual elements that interact."

03.10.2019   -   Nothing is more constant than change

After two years of joint working on the update of "FACES", Volker Schömig (KEYS) left THEORY OF ELEMENTS reducing the band to a trio. This challenge will be translated into new and completely independent material. The path the remaining trio follows goes towards a guitar and bass-keyboard synthesis intended to close the gap between the traditional instruments. The resulting innovative compositions confer a completely controversial kick on the prog approach as well as on the listening pleasure.

20.07.2018   -   THEORY OF ELEMENTS are back.

After three years of silence, the band returns with a new line-up. Having the new band members Stefan Hiemer (bass/background Vocals) and Volker Schömig (keyboards) on board, the progressive rock quartet is more than ready to rock the stages playing revised and new music.

Just in time for launching the new website, also the video for the song "In The End" was completed - The remake of the track contained on the debut album "FACES" bursts with the energy and joy of playing of the four progressive rockers.

video - in the end 2018

THEORY OF ELEMENTS - in the end 2018 (YouTube)